The Future of Workwear in 2022 – A Prediction

Kevin D. 03 Jan, 2022
The Future of Workwear in 2022 – A Prediction

The pandemic has completely changed people’s perspectives on office-appropriate clothes. To add fuel to the fire, more than a year and a half of work-from-home have convinced individuals to stay within their comfort zone.
As more and more offices prepare to welcome employees, the hot debate remains: what will women (and men) choose to wear in the office?

Well, here’s our prediction for 2022
With people gravitating towards comfortable workwear, traditional business attire won’t see much light of the day. That means saying goodbye to oversized silhouettes and elastic waistbands. Instead, clothing articles like sportswear, sweatpants, and billowed silhouettes will make it into the picture. 
Traditional workwear brands like Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom are already gearing up to meet the evolving needs of consumers. In fact, Nordstrom, known for its business attire and suits, has introduced the category ‘business comfort clothing.’ The category includes seersucker shift dresses and cotton blend skirts. 

What Will Return in Spring 2022?
No matter the future for in-office work experience, one thing is for sure: people are ready to stray away from dressing down for work. 
A recent survey says the consumers’ preference for comfort shopping has increased to 74% in 2021 from 63% in 2020. With that said, some items will return as wardrobe staples in the coming year, including:
  • Blazers
  • Trousers
  • Heels
The Final Word
Trends come and go, with some lingering longer than expected. However, the pandemic era has given us enough to ponder over and set our priorities straight. So, it’s safe to predict that the business-comfort attire people have come to wear and adore is here to stay.